Tax Preparation fees with no surprises!

TurboTax seems to be the “go to” software for those who want to do their own taxes.  Seems like Intuit decided to take advantage of their customers by raising their prices without saying anything to their long time customer.  While Intuit and TurboTax are trying to fix the problem they created by their decision charge extra for some of the standard tax return schedules – Schedules C, D and E to be exact – those who use CFO Business and Tax Services, Inc. for their tax prep know two important things.  First, we have standard fees that are listed conveniently on our website.  Second, our clients know that we will always treat them with respect and do our absolute best to make sure they pay no more in taxes than they have to.  Oh, and they also know that if they refer three new clients to us who have their taxes prepared at CFO Business and Tax Services, their returns are done for FREE!!!


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